1-Year-Old Baby Dies after Choking on a Small Piece of Hotdog

Everyone knows that babies still have developing bodies that can’t handle everything that older kids and adults can; thus, manufacturers often put warnings on toys, food, and equipment to ensure the kids’ safety.

Sadly, not everyone heeds the advice written on these stuff or have no idea, perhaps, that such things can be dangerous to babies.

One mom in the Philippines has regretted feeding her 1-year-old baby with small pieces of hotdog after the child choked on a small piece.

In a report on local news station GMA News TV, it was revealed that the unnamed mother had been feeding her child with hotdog bits. The child didn’t seem to like the hotdog pieces and would spit them out each time she feeds these to the baby.

Thinking that the child had spat out all the hotdog bits, the mother went upstairs to get something there. Instead of taking the baby with her, however, she left the child at the dining table as she was confident that the child no longer had food in the mouth.

It is unknown how long the mother had gone upstairs to get that important thing she needed but when she got back downstairs, she was shocked to see the child already turning purple and was breathing hard.

Since she does not know the first aid solution for this type of situation as is typical with most people especially in the Philippines, she rushed the child to the hospital without trying to dislodge the food blocking the air passage.

But the child was too weak to make it to the hospital alive. The baby was declared dead on arrival, much to the mom’s horror.

The medical staff at the hospital confirmed upon checking the baby that it was a small piece of hotdog that led to its death.

Photo credit: GMA News TV / YouTube

The unnamed mom could not help but feel guilty over the loss of her baby, especially considering she had left the child alone while she got something from their second floor. Moreover, had she known how to apply first aid and remove the item lodged in the baby’s mouth, it was highly likely the child would have survived.

In response to the incident, the local government urged everyone to take special care of their small children especially while they are eating.

You’ve got to also remember that kids don’t only put food inside their mouths but other non-food items as well; thus, close supervision is very important, especially in very young kids!