3 Devastating Pregnancy Fears

When you’ve been trying so hard to get pregnant for so long, it is only natural to have fears during pregnancy. A lot of expecting mothers have both deep and superficial concerns but not all should be blown out of proportion.

Some women create a fuss over the physical changes that their bodies will undergo while most of them worry about the well-being of their child in the womb. A lot of these pregnancy fears are actually logically answerable. To help you get over your own concerns, we’ve gathered a list that details the top fears of women during pregnancy.

3 Devastating Pregnancy Fears

Experiencing miscarriage

Losing your baby has got to be one of the toughest things that unfortunate women go through. If you think carrying a baby gives more than enough pain, then think again. Having a miscarriage while in the middle of your pregnancy is one of the worst fears that can turn into reality.  There are various factors that could contribute to this and even if you’re being totally cautious, it can still occur whether you like it or not.

More than physically feeling your body change, having a miscarriage takes a toll on your mental health. For women who have wanted to become mothers for a long time already, the pain is doubled. Medical professionals say that losing your baby isn’t something you can control or prevent, and that’s why the thought of it gets scarier by the minute. 1 in 10 pregnancies experience miscarriage during the first two weeks. When you reach the second trimester, the risk becomes less than 1 percent. You just have to get through 14 weeks and you can lay your worries to rest.

3 Devastating Pregnancy Fears

Eating food that can harm the baby

As one of the primary pregnancy fears, the first thing that women search on the web is a list of food that’s safe to eat while a baby is developing inside their bodies. Truth be told, there are a lot of lifestyle changes an expecting mother should do during these crucial months. If you’re pregnant, the top thing on your mind should be to revamp your diet if you’ve been living off of fast food for the past few years. Instead of going out to eat greasy sandwiches and MSG-packed junk food, you might want to try reaching for a healthier option that’s packed with the proper nutrients to sustain you and your baby.

Fixing your diet doesn’t just include solid food. It also includes your drinks such as water, juices and alcohol. Even though it might be hard to give up your nightly wine ritual, you have to minimize your intake of alcohol to cancel your fears and prevent any complications with your child during labor. If you’re also used to drinking sugary drinks like orange juice and iced tea, you have to learn to minimize its intake until you can go through the entire pregnancy without drinking them. If possible, drink as much water as your doctor recommends. You may also opt to drink tea if you want. In any case, you should do a major overhaul in your diet plan if you want your baby to come out healthy.

3 Devastating Pregnancy Fears

Going into preterm labor unexpectedly

In the United States, preterm labor happens in 1 out of 10 pregnancies. In some cases, expecting mothers’ paranoia is within line simply because the process of pregnancy is different for everyone. Some women almost lose twins even at 21 weeks due to exhaustion. For others, they could be experiencing Braxton Hicks that are as painful as real contractions when in labor. With that said, going into preterm labor is one of the logical fears most pregnant women have. The best way to combat this is to stay in touch with your doctor and call them as soon as you feel like you’re about to go into labor. More often than not, it’s just a false alarm; however, it’s better to be safe than sorry in cases like this.