4 Clever Strategies to Keep Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night

Every parent knows how difficult it can be if your baby stays awake the entire night – because that surely means you will be drowsy the following day but have to stay away for work or to accomplish things around the house.

If you’re tired of the baby staying awake all night, try these clever solutions.

1. Establish a Sleeping Routine

By now, you must have realized that kids don’t sleep at the time you want them to and they do have different needs, depending on their age. You can expect newborns to spend their days and nights just sleeping and sleeping but as the children grow older, their sleeping hours become shorter.

It is important that you begin to establish a sleeping routine at an early age.

While experts suggest that you ‘catch’ your baby’s sleepy state so that he/she wouldn’t be overtired and become fussy, a number also believe it is a good idea to try and keep the child awake during the day so he/she would sleep through the night – but that depends, of course, to the hours of sleep needed at his/her age.

2. Wean Off the Pacifier

There’s a debate on whether kids should be using pacifiers at all but if your baby already uses one, try to wean him/her out of using it. Most babies wake up at night and become fussy when their binkies fall off.

But you can also try other tricks, such as putting several pacifiers in the crib each night to ensure the child’s hands can easily find one even without your help.

3. Reduce Nighttime Interactions

Keep nighttime interactions minimal. If you have to feed the baby, try to lull him/her to sleep instead of playing. The child might want to play and talk but don’t encourage it. By keeping the interaction to a minimum, the baby will eventually learn that nighttime feedings aren’t playtime.

4. Play Music

Music soothes the mind and can help lull the baby to sleep. Of course, you have to pick the right music but there are a lot of long-play lullabies you can find on YouTube that you can play throughout the night. By playing this music, the baby can be lulled back to sleep even without your help whenever he/she wakes up in the middle of the night.

It is also ideal that you keep the lights dim while playing the music. This way, the baby will associate dim lights and soothing music to sleeping.