5 Harmful Ingredients in Beauty Products Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Taking care of an unborn child is no walk in the park, and the fact that you have to meticulously choose the right beauty products for you just makes it even more difficult. With numerous cosmetic choices out on the market right now, pregnant women find it difficult to spot the ones that are good for their skin and their baby. This is exactly why a lot of women ask: what beauty products are actually safe for those who are pregnant? Frankly, there’s no general answer that tells you the specific beauty products to pass up on. Instead, you’ll have to scrutinize each ingredient found in that certain cosmetic item you’re eyeing. 

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To help you out, we have already gathered the 5 most common harmful ingredients mixed into your favorite beauty products.
Pregnant women should avoid foundation with Parabens

Parabens in Foundations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration categorizes parabens as synthetic chemicals found in almost all beauty products. Its purpose is to give longer shelf life and keep molds from growing. If your product has water in it, chances are parabens are found in it too. Since most foundations are water-based therefore containing parabens, applying this would not be good for the baby growing inside of you. This chemical preservative mimics estrogen that can lead to hormonal balances and possibly breast cancer that’s detrimental to pregnant women.
Nail polish is one the beauty products with harmful ingredients

Formaldehyde and Toluene in Nail Polishes

Paint, lacquer thinner, or a dyeing agent—these are only some definitions of Toluene when used in a scientific context. Nevertheless, its purpose still doesn’t change even if we talk about its use as an ingredient in beauty products. Given the aforementioned facts, you’ll already know that Toluene isn’t something you’d want to use or even be near to, especially with your baby on the way. In the case of Formaldehyde, it’s said to cause cancer and that’s probably enough reason for pregnant women to stop using products with this chemical.

A study also suggests that this chemical causes neurotoxicity in individuals who have had long exposure to it. In the same way, toluene can be toxic to the baby’s immune system thus causing defects at birth. Even though having nail polish instantly gives your nails a personality, it simply isn’t worth it.
Beauty products like sunscreen that pregnant women should not use

Oxybenzone in Sunscreen

Sunscreen’s used to protect your skin but what you don’t know is that it might be doing more harm than good, especially for pregnant women. Oxybenzone works to absorb ultraviolet light but it also impacts the body’s hormones through the endocrine system when the skin absorbs it. A scientist working for the Environmental Working Group stated in an interview with Huffpost that in some cases, heightened levels of oxybenzone in adolescent boys lead to lower testosterone levels. Now, you can just imagine the damage it could do to your unborn baby.
Lipstick with alternative dyes could do more harm than good for pregnant women

Artificial Dyes in Lipsticks

There’s nothing more eye catching than wearing a red lippie. However, this might be something pregnant women shouldn’t wear since bright red lipsticks contain more aluminum than others. In lieu of your favorite red lipstick, maybe you can try lip tints or lip balms that don’t have harmful ingredients in them. This way, you can be sure that you’re taking care of the human inside of you in the best way possible.
Beauty products with Retinol is not advised

Retinol in Anti-aging products

Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for anti-aging beauty products that replenish the elasticity in our skin. Retinol essentially boosts collagen to make our skin more plump by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. However, too much of this can actually lead to fetal malformation and early term miscarriages.

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For pregnant women, chancing upon cosmetics that go well with their skin and don’t harm their babies in the long run is a pretty tough thing to do. Nevertheless, this isn’t totally impossible. All you have to do is to be more mindful of your choices in beauty products and trust me, your perfectly born child will thank you later.