5 Stress Reducing Activities for Pregnant Women

Just the thought of being pregnant can already bring stress to many women. From the lifestyle changes to the physical baby needs you need to buy, there’s just too much to think about in preparation for your labor. Most of the time, this takes a toll on many expecting mothers. People say that it’s normal for you to feel this way but as much as possible, you should avoid stress while you’re pregnant.

If you’re feeling this, you should do activities that can soothe your nerves since what you’re experiencing isn’t healthy for you and your baby. To give you ideas, we’ve gathered a list of great activities to try to get your mind off of your pregnancy.

5 Stress Reducing Activities for Pregnant Women


There’s no better way to take your stress off your mind than calmly breathing in and out. There’s actually more to breathing exercises in meditation than most people know. You have to focus your attention on how your body moves while increasing your inner peace and well-being.

Meditation has numerous advantages that pregnant women can benefit from. It not only promotes emotional health but it also lengthens attention span and may even control your addictions. More than this, your anxiety can be kept at bay and your memory can be strengthened.

5 Stress Reducing Activities for Pregnant Women


This goes without saying but exercise is good for everyone. One of the best stress-releasing activities pregnant women can partake in to lower their stress levels is exercise. It not only strengthens your heart but it also improves your circulation. This activity stimulates the chemicals in your brain to enhance your thinking, learning and overall mood. In the long run, this can also decrease your risk in developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

5 Stress Reducing Activities for Pregnant Women

Watch a Sitcom

Watching situational comedies is one of the easiest ways to alleviate your stress from being pregnant. From the many tv show choices out there in various streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV or Disney+, you’ll be able to find a specific show that fits your taste. Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends and The Good Place are among the best sitcoms out there. You don’t have to commit to watching the entire series though. You can just start with one episode to get you out of that funk. Once you’ve finished an episode, you’ll surely feel better even if it’s just a bit.

Try Painting

Painting may seem daunting to many people, especially for those who aren’t particularly the creative type. Nevertheless, this is one of the good ways to ease your stress while you’re pregnant. Aside from enhancing your art skills, focusing on one specific activity like painting can relax your mind. A study also shows that during the 45 minutes that the participants made art, around 75% resulted with reduced cortisol levels.

5 Stress Reducing Activities for Pregnant Women

Drink Tea while Reading a Book

There’s no better combination than drinking a hot soothing beverage while catching up on your long reading list. There are a lot of tea variants that can relieve your stress while you’re pregnant such as peppermint, chamomile, lavender or lemon balm. This drink has the amino acid L-Theanine which aids in balancing your overall mood. This really explains why a lot of people feel calmer after they drink tea.

Being pregnant is no walk in the park. When you combine this with other factors like your job, personal relationships, and other responsibilities, immense stress can be its result. The activities listed above are just some of the ways you can kick back and relax to lessen your worries. Remember, stress isn’t good for anyone especially your baby. If you want your child to come out healthy, it’s best to simply take it easy.