8 Surprising Ways You Can Actually Save on Baby Stuff

Having a new baby is exciting, yes! But every parent who’s been through this joyous moment will also tell you that the new addition to your family might be the cutest thing on Earth but it will also bore a hole in your pockets for the next months – or years!

Of course, while we *sometimes* grumble on the costs of raising kids, we do love them to bits and would willingly shell out all our money for these bundles of joy. Sigh.

What you can do, really, is to find ways on how you can save money on baby stuff so you don’t always have to go broke raising your kiddo.

Check out these surprising ways you can actually save on baby stuff:

Watch Out for Bargain Sales

Indeed, baby stuff can be expensive but you can save money if you buy in bulk when the mall offers items on discount. Mall sales happen all around the year but they have special dates you can watch out for, such as Christmas sale, End-of-Season sale, Black Friday sale, and many others.

You can get as high as 80 to even 90% discount on baby items on these sale events. Of course, the dates might not coincide with your child’s birth but you can actually prepare well ahead of schedule.

Use Coupons

Don’t be embarrassed to use coupons! These small bits of paper can actually save you a lot of money.

Choose Convertible Gear

Why buy many different items when you can get one that works in many different ways? For instance, while you need different sorts of car seats for your children, depending on their ages, there are actually a lot of convertible car seats that can be used by newborns and converted to other positions as the child grows.

Buy Smart

Don’t buy in bulk unless you are sure the stuff works well. You might end up ‘saving’ money on cheap diapers, only to find out you have to change them every hour!

Consider Borrowing

You don’t really have to buy everything your baby needs. If you have friends and family with older kids, you might consider borrowing big items like cribs, high chairs, or other things you might need. That will surely save you a lot of money – and your friends might even feel thankful you helped free up some space in their attic.

Ask Your Pediatrician for Samples

Pediatricians actually have samples of medicines, vitamins, milk, and other baby stuff you might need. Don’t be shy in asking for samples as these doctors actually get these samples from companies, anyway.

Make It Yourself

If you have the talent in making things, then you can use this to create items your baby will need. A number of moms learn how to knit or crochet to create cute stuff for their newborn babies. Dads can make the cribs and play pens.

Don’t Buy Newborn Items in Bulk

You’ll soon find out that babies grow so fast that you’ll only be needing some items for just a few weeks! Getting them just around 5-10 sets of clothes per age range (you pick this by months) will actually be enough, perhaps even more than what you’ll need!

We hope these savings tips help!