Adorable Baby Goes Viral for Appearing in Mom’s Workout Videos

For the past four months, a mother has been filming her workout routine and it all ends the same: having her baby appearing in her video clips in the cutest way possible!

On TikTok, mom @emilyfauver uploaded a compilation video of her child’s suprise appearances, showing how the adorable little one crawls into the frame while she is doing her workout.

“This took four months to make, don’t let it flop,” she wrote in the caption of the video that went viral and now has over one million views, as of writing.

“I love how she’s just yelling everytime she zooms to the camera. She’s so adorable!” rapunzel commented.

“She is the cutest! She has such a cute personality. I love how she scrunches her nose when she knows she’s getting the camera!” wrote Devon Leigh.

“Bless you and your little girl. This is one of the best compilations I’ve ever seen. She brings a smile to my face every time I see this video,” Keyla Gonzalez expressed.


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Appearing on Siblings’ TikTok Challenge

Earlier, a video of an adorable toddler joining his siblings in doing a TikTok challenge also went viral, sending good vibes to a lot of social media users.

In the TikTok video posted by @officially.cadee, two kids are seen performing the Renegade Challenge when the little one–wearing only a black top, a denim jacket, and a diaper–entered the frame and began to dance while looking straight at the camera like a pro.

Since it was posted, the video has been making rounds online and has been reuploaded many times in different social media platforms; shared by celebrities and pages with a huge number of followers. Now the newest internet star on TikTok, Baby Kyng has been dubbed as the “Diaper Baby” (#DiaperBaby).

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video of TikTok’s newest internet celebrity to brighten up your day, posted on the #DiaperBaby’s YouTube channel: