‘Waking Up With a 1-year-old’: Adorable Baby’s Morning Routine Goes Viral Online

This might be one of the cutest thing that you can see on the internet today! With her natural charm, cheerfulness, and energy, this adorable toddler’s morning routine video has been bringing good vibes to a lot of people online, getting more than 2.6 million views in just a couple of days.

Screenshot from SIS vs BRO’s YouTube video

On their YouTube vlog SIS vs BRO, Baby Aria’s siblings Karina and Ronald Kurzawa shared how the barely one-year-old kid manages to begin her day. The video shows the little one’s a morning routine: waking up, playing for a while in her crib, exploring the rooms in their house, asking her siblings to rise from their beds, eating breakfast, enjoying their mini playground in the garden, “reading” books, and many more.

“Our little baby, Aria, is almost one year old, and this is her morning routine. Hope you enjoy it! For all of you, young mothers and expecting mothers, here is a little glimpse of how mornings may look like with a one-year-old baby in the house!” read the caption of the video, which already has more than 103,000 likes and over 29,000 comments.

YouTube users thanked the siblings for sharing the good vibes with them.

“Aria is just the cutest thing ever! I love her! She just made my day!” Camila Rosas wrote.

“Like me and my baby sister!” itbelldocrystal Mcleod shared. “She comes downstairs with my dad and she’d bang on my door and yell my name until I wake up did. Then, she stays in my room until I’m fully awake.”

While Thenuli Sirimanne expressed, “I wish I had a sis like Aria! She loves her sis and bro, she even wakes them up in the morning.”

Screenshot from SIS vs BRO’s YouTube video

Watch Baby Aria’s adorable morning routine through this video: