Cuteness Overload! This Video of Adorable Flower Girls, Ring Bearers Will Surely Make Your Day

Aside from the exchanges of vows and heartwarmings moments, weddings can also be memorable because of the funny moments of its flower girls and ring bearers, who are apparently walking down the aisle unaware of what the occasion is all about.

On Facebook, Cutest Babies Videos uploaded a compilation video of how flower girls and ring beares fail during the wedding day–and how they manage to turn the disaster into something beautiful and funny!

In the comments section of the post, hundreds of social media users expressed how the little ones’ “failed moments” captured their hearts and made them laugh so hard. Some also tagged their friends, whose children did the same thing on a certain ceremony. Others, on the other hand, gave a piece of advice to the parents of the soon-to-be flower girls and ring bearers: start practicing now!

In the end, the video was able to bring good vibes online, getting more than 1.1 million views and over 23,000 reactions, as of writing.

Meanwhile on YouTube, Pets Awesome also shared a compilation video of adorable flower girls and ring bearers, saying, “With these lovely babies and the unique moments at the wedding, you will not be able to stop laughing and be surprised at what you are watching!”

“The babies make those wedding ceremonies lovelier,” YouTube user Amy Loy wrote.

“Lovely babies!” said Hilarious Fails. “The video helped me relax. Thank you!”

“Babies are always more trouble than you thought they are, but are also more wonderful!” Japan’s Funniest Videos commented.

Perhaps, this are some of the reasons why flower girls and ring bearers have always been part of weddings.  Despite being playful even amid a solemn ceremony, these little ones add joy to the couple’s special day in the cutest way possible; making it even more memorable.