Adorable Newborn Twins Think They’re Still in the Womb, Hug Each Other Tightly on First Bath

It is really cute how twins enjoy doing a lot of things together – and they even have a secret language that only they can understand! A lot of twins also end up doing similar things, even living parallel lives even if they were raised apart.

Science has yet to provide an explanation as to why such an incredible connection is experienced by twins but many believe this was because they were ‘wired’ to each other in the womb. It seems that their stint of about 9 months in the same womb got them connected somehow, a connection that continues even after birth.

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Recently, a pair of twins went viral after they were videotaped hugging each other quite tightly on their first bath. Many netizens said that it was as if the twins had not realized yet that they were already out of the womb and are now living in apart.

This first bath is special. It uses what is known as the Thalasso baby bath method. Invented by French baby nurse Sonia Rochel, this special bathing technique is used for newborn babies and is done to simulate their time in the womb; thus, the babies feel secured even if they were actually being bathed.

Photo credit: Best Videos You Tube

Rochel explained:

I have been working with babies and young children for quite some time—over 30 years now—and in that time, I have met a lot of interesting people. In particular, I met one midwife who showed me a lot of beautiful things.

With this midwife, I saw how birth for these babies was actually a beautiful experience and I wanted them to experience something equally beautiful once they were born. That’s how I developed this special bathing technique that is there to welcome baby […] It is like a welcome gift, my gift to them to welcome them into this world.

To make sure the technique works, a gentle shower head must be used to provide the baby with a ‘soft, cranial massage’. According to Rochel, you should not feel scared of getting the baby’s eyes and ears wet because they had just come from a wet sac in the womb and would think that the bathing place (most likely a sink or baby bathtub) is still the womb.

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But Rochel reminds caregivers not to bathe a hungry baby because the child would be more interested in feeding than bathing.

Of course, you must ensure that you still provide a safe place for bathing the baby. Also make sure that the water is not too hot and not too cold.

Watch these twins getting bathed, they’re so cute!