Mom is Angry When the Baby Started Fake Crying – Baby’s Response is Hilarious!

Oftentimes, if you are overly emotional or dramatic, people will tell you “you’re being such a baby!” However, if you see young children exaggerating their emotions just to get your attention, this is something that they learn when they are still babies.

Based on a study made by Japanese researcher Hiroko Nakayama, babies would sometimes fake cry and stop crying once their mother would come near.

A psychologist from the University of Portsmouth, Dr. Vasudevi Reddy revealed that fake crying is one of the earliest forms of deception and infants use it to get attention, even if nothing is wrong. You can tell that the baby is just fake crying when they pause to wait to hear if the mother is responding before crying again.

This demonstrates that they are clearly able to distinguish what they are doing will have an effect. This is similar to adults when they tell lies, except that in adults, it becomes more morally loaded.

[Image Credit: Kyoot / Youtube]

[Image Credit: Kyoot / Youtube]

Fake Crying is a Positive Thing

This interaction contributes greatly not only to the infant’s early social development but also to help with the development of their emotions. A baby’s fake cry is a not a negative thing, but a positive one.

Infants who are capable of fake crying can communicate successfully with their caregivers on a daily basis. It could add more to their relationship.

[Image Credit: Kyoot / Youtube]

[Image Credit: Kyoot / Youtube]

Not “Fake” At All

Some experts don’t see this infant’s behavior as fake at all. It is a calling cry.

According to Tracy Cassels, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia’s Developmental Psychology and author of the blog Evolutionary Parenting, if you want to get your husband’s attention, you can just yell down to him. However, since babies can’t do that, all they have to do is to cry.

Fake crying is a way for babies to survive in a world where they are 100% dependent on other people. If we don’t give babies respect, we are shutting down all forms of communication for them.

[Image Credit: Kyoot / Youtube]

[Image Credit: Kyoot / Youtube]

Funny Fake Crying Video

A little girl on Youtube has her own way of fake crying. The video starts with her pouty face and a woman, supposedly her mother is calling her out on her fake cry.

What’s the deal? You’re not even crying. There’s no tears in your eyes – nothing!

Unable to convince the woman, the baby proceeds with her award-winning fake crying performance that is overly dramatic.

Watch the video below to see what we mean:

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