‘Babies Wait For No One’: Mom Delivers Child While Standing on Birthing Center’s Parking Lot

“Babies wait for no one,” midwife Gelena Hinkley thought after what they call “one of the most exciting births of 2020” took place at the parking lot of Natural Birth Works.

Screenshot from Gelena Hinkley’s Facebook video

In the video she uploaded on Facebook, it can be seen that the expectant parents were almost at the door of the birthing center, but the baby could not wait any longer so the mother had to deliver the latter right away–in a standing position!

“Shared with permission! This momma had a super fast labor. In midwife’s term, it is ‘precipitous’,” Hinkley wrote in the caption of the video she posted.

“When dad called a few minutes before arrival and said she feels like pushing, gloves were on and ready. Although I thought we’d have time to get inside, this little one had other plans. The police just so happened to be across the street and heard the commotion and walked over to see if help was needed. Multitasking by catching a baby and letting them know we were all good was quite the experience!” she continued narrating such extraordinary experience. “One of the most exciting births of 2020. One we won’t forget!”

The midwife added that the mother and the infant are all doing well.

“Mom and baby are doing amazing and we can all laugh at how awesome this birth was. Especially because the cops looked pretty shell shocked!” she said, adding #birthhappens, #babieswaitfornoone, and #birthwithoutfear on her set of hashtags.

Social media users were both touched and amazed on what they saw in the video; which already has nearly 15,000 comments, over 25,000 shares, and more than 27,000 reactions, as of writing.

“Oh, my gosh! I love this so much! Made me cry,” Jessica LeCheminant expressed.

“So amazing! I’m totally crying. That was incredible!” Elizabeth Lee commented.

“Someone needs to make a thug life video moment for this midwife! Awesome job!” Logan Brown said.

According to a report, Sandra Lovaina was the midwife who helped the mom in delivering the baby.

Shared with permission! This momma had a super fast labor. In Midwife terms, it was precipitous. When dad called a few…

Gelena Hinkleyさんの投稿 2020年6月23日火曜日