Baby Girl Abandoned at Train Station in China, Now a Musical Sensation in the US

The ‘one child’ policy of China, enacted in 1979, has long been the subject of much controversy and debate. It has led to countless abortions and children being abandoned, especially girls since the Chinese prefer to have sons who not only get to continue their family name but are also expected to have a family that will take care of the parents when they are old.

Thankfully, the policy has since been revoked since October 2015 but the damage has been done.

One of the babies abandoned during this period would later get adopted by an American family who would help her develop her natural talent – and lead to her becoming a musical sensation in the US!

Photo credit: MLB / YouTube

Mackenzie Walker said:

I was born in the Hunan province of China, and when I was only 1 month old, I was left by a train station in a paper box.

I was alone, and nobody was with me, and nobody cared.

It’s difficult to imagine how a parent could ever do something like that, abandoning a baby who might actually die if no one helps out, but her parents did so. It was a good thing some kind person saw her and brought her to an orphanage.

This happened at about the same time Chuck and Kim Walker were looking for a baby to adopt in China. The couple were married in 1982 and had their son in 1984. But after losing another baby two years later, they would mull the idea of adoption for 16 years until they finally decided to do it, adopting their first daughter Kaitlin.

Soon, the couple learned about the problem in China and decided to pick one child from there; they got the girl left at the train station and named her Mackenzie.

Back in the US, they discovered the child had musical talent when she began mimicking the clock in the kitchen, at the perfect pitch.

Wherever we went, she would hum along with music. It became obvious it was just a part of who she was […] It was a part of her everyday world,” her parents said.

Photo credit: MLB / YouTube

The couple encouraged Mackenzie to develop her musical talent, even hiring voice coaches for the young girl. Today, she has become a musical sensation in the US. Not only does she have her own music album but has also sang in major events, including several Houston Astros games. Wow!

It’s hard to imagine that her fate could have been worse after her biological parents had abandoned her at the train station