Tearjerking: Real Story Behind Viral Photo of a Baby Girl Looking at Her ‘Guardian Angel’

We’ve seen this picture many times online: an image of a baby girl looking at the spot where her twin brother should be. But more than being a viral photo that amazes thousands of people in different social media platforms, there is a bittersweet story behind this–something that touches the soul.

On Love What Matters, loving mother Heather Bowman shared how she was deeply devastated when found out that she lost a child for the third time.

“I was devastated to hear that my son was no longer with us. I knew I was going to have to carry him until I delivered my daughter. My anxiety began to peak once more. I was so afraid this would somehow affect my daughter. I went in to ultrasounds every week expecting the worst and hoping for the best. I made small milestones for myself and tried to take things hour by hour, day by day. I had to compartmentalize my grief to stay positive for my daughter each day,” she shared.

“Leti and James arrived via c-section at 36 weeks on the evening of February 12, 2019, 5lbs 11oz. Hearing her cry was the biggest relief I’ve had in my entire life. My mother was in the OR with me and kept telling me how perfect she was. She brought her over to me and I couldn’t believe I was looking at the most perfect angel that ever existed,” she continued.

To document the beginning of her daughter’s life, Heather looked for a photographer and was later on connected to Jessica Young.

“Through a friend, I got into contact with a photographer named Jessica. I was very excited about documenting Leti’s arrival into this world. I told Jessica my story and she emailed back saying, ‘I have a wonderful idea for how to honor James,'” she said.

baby girl guardian angel

Photo from @jessicayoungphotog’s Facebook page and screenshot from KSDK News’ YouTube video

“Honestly, I hadn’t put much thought into what her idea would be. When I arrived and saw what she had set up, I lost it. She placed Leti in her place and she couldn’t stop looking over to where her brother would have been had he survived. I couldn’t help but feel he was lying right there, letting her know he was present and will always be with her. She smiled countless times while looking in his direction,” she added.

That moment, the mother believed that it was Leti’s twin brother, her little one’s “guardian angel”.

“This photo means the world to me. I will cherish it forever. I can’t wait to tell Leti the story of how she came to be. I can’t wait for her to grow up so I can tell her that her sister and brothers are flying over her, watching her day and night,” she expressed, remembering her late babies Bucky, Nori, James.