Sweet Duet: Beautiful Baby Girl Joins as Grandmother Sings Her Heart Out

This is surely one of the most beautiful things you can see on the internet: a baby girl joining her grandmother as the latter sings her heart out for her.

Screenshot from K Rosevear’s YouTube video

In different social media platform, the video of a baby girl singing with grandma went viral again several years after it was posted, touching thousands of hearts amid trying times like this.

“I sang to my babies and they responded with gentle singsong cooing also. Such a sweet time….

“That’s the most precious thing I have ever seen!” KK Bing commented on the video. “What a sweet, funny, and loving memory this will be for your granddaughter one day! Even the orange tabby kitty seemed to enjoy the singing. Many blessings to you!”

“How lovely! This brought a huge smile to my heart,” Avril Crisp expressed.

“That baby actually mouthed and sang the words ‘for love’! If I had a baby that would really pay attention and mimic like that, I would sing her favorite song to them every day and would play a recording of it while the baby sleeps!” said Dfender67.

“If every heart would be attentive to that genuine sweetness, then we could all be in the mood for love!” wrote BooterSpruce.

While, G thought,” When she becomes an adult, if anyone asks her, ‘How long have you been singing?’ She can answer, ‘Since 2013!'” To which Mani Rodriguez-Rey replied, ‘Literally, since I was born!”

Meanwhile, sharing her own experience, Katarina S. said, “My first daughter did this when she was two months old to only one particular song that I would sing to her that I learned in high school French class. Interestingly, she minored in French in college.”

Watch this beautiful moment of the baby girl singing with her grandmother: