Adorable Video of Baby’s Emotional Response to Mom’s Song Goes Viral Again

Good things will always find its way to brighten up someone’s day–just like the video of this 10-month-old baby’s emotional response to her mother’s song, which has been making rounds again on social media years after it went viral for the first time.

Baby's Emotional Response to Mom's Song

Screenshot from Alain Leroux’s video

In the video, the 10-month old’s mother Amanda Leroux sang a song in front of her. She immediately got carried away and began to cry. According to a CNN report, Amanda was listening to the radio when the song “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” played. Loving the music, she sang it to the little one–without even expecting that it will make her cry and smile at the same time

“I can sing any other song and she doesn’t have the same reaction,” she shared.

And it happens everytime she sings the same song, so her husband decided to record the next time she sang the song in front of the kid.

“It is like an old man hearing his mother singing a song to him one last time,” king of germ commented.

“This child will be very successful in music. She has a heightened sense of awareness,” said honey buzzard.

“I love the mom’s attitude by not putting any supernatural spin on the baby crying. And appreciate the moment for what it is, an emotional response to a rather soothing song,” john calvosa wrote.

Some also said they went emotional as they watched the video of the beautiful kid.

While Qwertyuiop noticed, “It’s like the baby understands the words, the part when she sings ‘how much it hurts’, the baby really cries more.”

Well, perhaps, good things are not meant to be forgotten. Watch this two-minute video of baby’s emotional response to her mom’s song so you get some good vibes, too!