‘Best Big Brother Ever’: Beautiful Bond Between Little Boy and His Dog Captures Hearts

Many times, the best creatures to be trust are animals.


The parents of a little boy have always been comfortable each time the the toddler is with their German Shepherd Argento; who they consider as their first kid. Even before the child’s birth, they already knew that the dog will be the “best big brother ever” to their baby.

And now, the dog and the baby have been the best siblings ever–and their beautiful bond has began touching hearts on social media, with their Instagram page getting thousands of followers recently.

Following the adorable pair who plays, eat, and even sleep together, a lot of parents have been expressing how they would love to see their kids to develop friendship with their pets, well.

According to the parents, it may take time, but helping the dog adjust with one’s kid will always be worth it; especially when the perfect time comes and you see how the pet loves and protects your little one.

“Argento was our first ‘baby’. We knew things would be different when Greer came. We started working on ‘gentle’ during the pregnancy, ” they shared in a post. “Dogs are pack animals and if socialized correctly, they will love and protect that new bundle of joy like you wouldn’t believe.”


Touching: Friendship of a 2-year-old child and an elephant

Earlier, a heartwarming video of a little girl’s friendship with an elephant also went viral online.

On Tik Tok, Thiruvananthapuram posted a video showing the bond between the child and the elephant named Umadevi which is recordically above 31 years old and has been a part of the kid’s family for the past seven years.

The child, who just turned two years old last June 8, is already the one feeding the animal. And in return, the family said, her special friend makes sure that she is always safe whenever they are together.

Amid the lockdown, the little girl’s family was able to witness the friendship and real bond between her and their beloved elephant. See for yourself!