Boy Born with Spots All Over the Body Receives Help from Kind Strangers

When Dan and Stephanie Dworsky learned they were going to have a new baby, they did everything to ensure the pregnancy goes well and the baby is born healthy.

They already have a daughter and were more excited to learn they were soon going to have a son.

But while their son, Kacy Dworsky, was born generally healthy, he had a rare medical condition called melanocytic nevus wherein his entire body was covered in various moles. His tiny body was ridden with so much moles that it was really pitiful to watch him.

Photo credit: Good Times / NTD

Many of the moles were smooth and flat but a lot were also rather rough and raised, with some spots even covered with hair.

Dan and Stephanie loved their son very much but they were also afraid of what might happen to him as he grows older. Doctors warned them that there is no cure for the condition, except to have the moles erased through cosmetic surgery.

Photo credit: Good Times / NTD

The loving mom blamed herself for her son’s condition, saying she must have done something wrong during the pregnancy to cause all those marks on his body but the doctors assured her that was not the case. There was nothing she could have done to cause or even prevent the moles from appearing on his body.

Melanocytic nevus might be rare, happening only in 1 every half a million children, but there was no way they could prevent it or even cure it. Scientists still have not found a way to cure the condition.

According to Stephanie, she fears going out with Kacy because she knows that many people would be staring at him. The other kids could be cruel to remark on his spots while parents might not let their children go near him for fear that he might have a contagious skin condition that could affect their own kids.

Photo credit: Good Times / NTD

Aside from limiting their time in public at this point, Stephanie has turned to GoFundMe to seek financial assistance for Kacy to undergo treatment to remove or lighten his moles. The family has since received more than half of their $20,000 goal.

They are also hoping to help raise awareness for Kacy’s condition so that he wouldn’t face a lot of negativity as he grows up.

As for his elder sister Desi, she loves him with all her heart and seems to not mind at all that he was spots all over his body. According to Stephanie, never has Desi mentioned about Kacy’s spots; although she has seen the 3-year-old girl kissing the spots lovingly from time to time.