Clever Big Brother Helps Baby Brother Escape from Crib in Funny Video

Parents know that little kids can be a lot of trouble if they are always fighting – but they can be twice the trouble if they get along so well that they look for ways to have fun together even if you try your best to keep them in special designated places, such as the crib!

A pair of siblings had recently gone viral for their hilarious antics as the big brother helps the baby brother escape from his crib.

Photo credit: Daily Bumps / YouTube

The boys, Oliver and Finn, are the kids of the Lanning family who runs Daily Bumps, a YouTube channel that shares the joys and struggles of raising young kids.

Their nanny cam had recorded a lot of hilarious moments but this recent one really takes the cake.

In the video, little Finn was stuck in his crib but wants to get out and have fun with his big brother, calling out as best as he could to attract his attention. A short while later, as little Finn had expected, his hero came flying in to check what his brother was screaming about.

Photo credit: Daily Bumps / YouTube

Oliver quickly realizes that Finn wants to get out of the crib. After a brief moment of brainstorming, Oliver put a chair inside Finn’s crib to help the baby out but seeing that the younger boy doesn’t know what to do, Oliver climbs in to demonstrate the escape plan.

It was adorable to see that this older brother knows how to help his little brother – even though the situation looks rather dangerous as Finn could fall head first to the floor! Whew.

Oliver climbs inside the crib, steadies the wobbly chair on the mattress, then instructs his younger brother, “Do this!” as he hopped on the chair and went over the side of the crib.

After the demonstration, it was little Finn’s turn to follow what his big brother had taught him but in a moment that had the internet laughing, the toddler looks mischievously at the nanny cam before stepping on the chair! LOL.

Photo credit: Daily Bumps / YouTube

This kid surely knows that he’s doing something he should be doing but plans to do it, anyway. What a cheeky kid.

Following Oliver’s demonstration, little Fin climbs up to the chair and tries his best to go over the side of the crib. His big brother was there, ready to help. Oliver grabbed little Finn’s little body and helps him out the crib.

The boys tumbled softly to the floor but were alright.

Photo credit: Daily Bumps / YouTube

“You got it, Finn!” Oliver cheerfully praised his brother as they got up and run out the bedroom door.

Enjoy this fun video: