Clever Little Girl Goes Viral for ‘Intense’ Video of Escape from Two Baby Gates

Parents all around the world have to deal with a lot of challenging situations as they raise their children. The toddler years are considered to be among the most challenging that parents will ever encounter because this is the stage where the kids are the most active, most curious, and the most clever in finding ways to escape their parents’ watchful eyes and supposedly ‘child-proof’ gadgets.

Take for example this clever little girl who went viral after figuring in ‘the most intense’ video of escape from not just but two baby gates! Whew! What a cheeky little monkey!

According to a post on, dad Wesley Quilty had noticed that his 2-year-old daughter could now easily climb over the baby gate they placed in her room.

Photo credit: Wesley Quilty / YouTubeKnowing that he has to do something about this to ensure that the kid stays in her room and not go around the house exploring as that could be dangerous if she gets into the ‘not-child-friendly’ spots, this dad decided to solve the problem the easiest and best way he knew: buy another baby gate and stack it above the first one.

Surely, with the gate now being quite high, the toddler wouldn’t be so confident in going over and making her escape, yes? Well, as dad Wesley would soon find out, he might be clever but his daughter is definitely cleverer than him!

The dad laughingly filmed his daughter’s attempt at escaping the gates, probably thinking that he won the battle but, no, this girl proved to him and to the world that she’s made of tougher stuff!

In the video that has since taken the world by storm, the girl could be seen climbing up so easily on the first baby gate. Then, she used the top of that gate to keep her balance and to act as her firm foothold as she climbs over the second, higher gate!

And just as climbing over the first one appeared to be a breeze for this cheeky little monkey, she had no problems whatsoever with the second one! LOL.

Dad Wesley could only laugh in pride and wonder over his daughter’s feat but he made sure he didn’t show it to his daughter who was quite proud of herself as she made it down the two gates and haughtily walked off, as if to scoff at her dad for building the ‘easy’ obstacle. ROFL. I love this kid!

Check out the video of her cool escape here: