COVID-positive Babies Tend to Have Mild Illness, New Study Reveals

COVID-positive babies who are under three months old tend to have mild illness, usually showing only a fever and few respiratory symptoms, a recent study found.

In the new study which included 18 infants and was published in The Journal of Pediatrics, it was seen that of the 50 percent who were admitted to a hospital’s general inpatient service, none required oxygen, respiratory support, or intensive care.

“While there is limited data on infants with COVID-19 from the United States, our findings suggest that these babies mostly have mild illness and may not be at higher risk of severe disease as initially reported from China,” according to the statement of lead author Leena B. Mithal, a pediatric infectious diseases expert from Lurie Children’s Hospital and assistant professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“Most of the infants in our study had fever,” she explained further, “which suggests that for young infants being evaluated because of fever, COVID-19 may be an important cause, particularly in a region with widespread community activity. However, evaluation for bacterial infection in young infants with fever remains important.”

The research also revealed that of the babies admitted to the hospital, six out of nine had gastrointestinal symptoms, such as poor feeding, vomiting, and diarrhea. Upper respiratory tract symptoms of cough and congestion preceded onset of GI symptoms.

It was also disclosed that young infants also had notably high viral loads in their nasal specimens despite mild clinical illness.

COVID-19’s Impact on Baby Names

Meanwhile, an earlier study found that the current health crisis has already been influencing parents in giving names to their babies  amid the lockdown.

In a new research conducted by, it was found that almost half or 43 percent of parents believe the COVID-19 crisis will alter the way UK babies are named and seven percent of mothers-to-be have already changed a name choice due to the pandemic.

baby names lockdown

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“Popular monikers being ditched include Corah, Corina and Rona, as families believe they sound too close to ‘Corona’. Three in five parents polled believe similar ‘Corona’ names will fall out of fashion this year due to the disease,” it was disclosed.

“Names close to ‘virus’–including Viola and Violet–are off the name lists of a third of parents, while names linked to lockdown, such as Lockie or Lochlan are also likely to slide down the baby name charts,” it added.

On the other hand, baby names suggesting hope, bravery, security, and happiness are now being chosen by parents.

“Seven in ten have listed hopeful ‘virtue’ names, with Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience and Constance predicted to come back into fashion. Over half (54 percent) would consider a Rainbow name after the kids’ art trend. Popular picks include Iris, meaning Rainbow in Greek, alongside Indigo and Blue. But Violet is out because of its closeness to ‘virus’,” the research noted.

“Our poll of 1,300 parents found also found hero names to be popular to honour our key workers. Top choices are the gender-neutral Hero, Avery and Bravery, plus Maverick for boys, with three in ten backing a rise in popularity. Happy names are also popular with a third of new parents, in a bid to beat lockdown gloom and celebrate new life. The most selected names include Bliss, Joy, Blythe and Felicity for girls, alongside Pax and Sol for boys,” it further revealed.

baby names lockdown

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