Dad’s Special Move to Make His Deaf-Blind Son Stop Crying has the Internet in Tears

The joy that Kevin Jolicoeur and his wife Samantha felt when their son was born turned into fear and confusion when the child appeared to have various noticeable differences from other newborn babies.

Gideon had an unusually high arch on his palate that made it difficult for him to nurse from Samantha. There was a rather large dimple on his lower back that the doctors could not explain and the soft spot on his head was much larger than that of most newborns.

Kevin and Samantha were quite worried about their son, especially because he seemed to cry non-stop over everything and they could not figure out what he wants. Every parent knows that can be quite frustrating.

At first, the doctors told them the child was just having frequent episodes of colic but after extensive tests, Gideon was diagnosed with Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder at 7 months old. Apparently, the boy was deaf and blind, that’s why he was crying so much.

The couple received a heavier blow when the doctors told them that it was highly likely that Gideon would not survive past his first year; although there had been a number of children with the same condition who lived up to 10 years old.

Kevin and Samantha went home with a heavy heart, grieving the imminent death of their son. They now know how to understand his cries and whimpers but how long do they have left with him?

To cope with their grief, the couple began blogging on ‘Life With A Happy Heart’ where they would soon meet other parents who were also looking for answers and trying to reach out to other families experiencing the same situation.

As they struggled to cope with Gideon’s imminent passing, they would soon feel hopeful that perhaps he would live longer.

Samantha would take videos of Gideon’s special moments with them, knowing that it might be his last. Their followers would empathize with them about the videos but it would be the video of Kevin soothing the deaf-blind Gideon by blowing raspberries on his face that truly brought the internet to tears.

The video was taken back when the couple had no idea yet why Gideon was behaving so differently. The boy would cry for hours on end, and the couple couldn’t figure out what he wanted. But dad would soon discover a heartwarming trick that would make the boy stop crying.

Today, many years later, the video still makes people cry. Gideon has just celebrated his 5th birthday – and his parents hope he would have many, many more!

Watch the heartwarming video here:

This is Gideon, taken last Christmas: