Friendship Between a 1-year-old Child and an Elephant Touches Hearts Online

In the midst of all the sad posts and tributes to the pregnant elephant that died after allegedly being fed with a pineapple stuffed with crackers, a heartwarming video of a little girl’s friendship with an elephant goes viral, touching thousands of people online.

friendship child elephant

Screenshot from Thiruvananthapuram’s Tik Tok video

On Tik Tok, Thiruvananthapuram posted a video showing the bond between the child and the elephant named Umadevi which is recordically above 31 years old and has been a part of the kid’s family for the past seven years.

The child, who will only be turning two years old this June 8, is already the one feeding the animal. And in return, the family said, her special friend makes sure that she is always safe whenever they are together.

A lot of social media users were touched by their story. Many also said that no one can bully or hurt the young girl because she has a strong protector.

“Such a wonderful bond between kid and elephant!” YouTube user Smruti ranjan Das commented.

“She will be one of the safest girl in India as long as the elephant is with her,” Rahul DM wrote.

“When someone bullies her in school, before her parents, Umadevi will arrive first to protect her,” devesh sharma jokingly said.

Meanwhile, others wished to have a friend like Umadevi, too, so they can always feel loved and safe, at the same time.

Amid the lockdown, the little girl’s family was able to witness the friendship and real bond between her and their beloved elephant. See for yourself!

Such a beautiful story, right? The friendship between the young one and the elephant only shows that not all human beings are the same, and it is always possible for humans and animals can always have a deep, strong, and extraordinary kind of bond.