‘Healthier, Cheaper, Good for the Kids’: Mom Shares Reasons Why They Moved From City to Province

Would you leave your city life and begin a new one in a province? A mother recently went viral after sharing the reasons why their family moved from city to province, inspiring thousands of people online.

from city to province

Photo from The Budget Mama’s Facebook page

Through her Facebook page, mommy blogger “The Budget Mama” talked about the reasons why she does not regret choosing the provicial life; which, according to her, is much healthier, good for their children, offers a lot of cheaper options, among others.

“Living in the province is healthier- fresh air, fruits and vegetables are fresh, and most of all…there’s zero COVID-19 cases to where we moved,” she began. “Our kids can grow up free- free to ride a bike, magpalipad ng sarangola, umakyat ng puno, humuli ng tutubi, dance in the rain, and not just be stuck inside our house.”

Everything is cheaper, she also shared.

Apple Manila: P25, Province: P15

Mineral Water Manila: P30, Province: P20

Sibuyas Manila: P12, Province: P5

Tricycle Manila: P30, Province: P15

Tilapia Manila P160, Province: P120 (buhay pa!)

And the list goes on…

“Imagine the amount of money you can save if everything is significantly cheaper,” she pointed out.

Moreover, the wise mother also assured that living in the province does not mean giving up the family’s source of income, especially now that there are a lot of opportunities online.

“Work and everything else is now online–as soon as we confirmed that fiber internet is available, we made our plans to move. The kids will be homeschooling and we now also work from home. So as long as there is internet, we can make a living and stay connected to everyone,” she said.

“I have never imagined that our family would live in the province (rice fields ang likod bahay namin!) We were so used to the sophisticated city living but then BOOM! Covid happened. We were forced to reset. Replan. Live simpler lives. It was time for a change. So here we are, welcoming a new chapter in our lives,” she added.