Girl Sings “You are My Sunshine” to Brother with Down Syndrome

Children with Down Sydrome have very delayed development compared with their peers. Many learn only a handful of words even while kids their age are already structuring complete sentences and even learning how to read and write.

Parents do their best to help their children learn as much as they could, finding ways to assist their children not just in learning how to speak but also in living a good, happy life.

Some parents found that having pets have helped their children cope better while others discovered music to be more helpful for their kids. Different children respond to different kinds of therapy. What’s important is that they are not forced to do things they do not like and that they receive the therapy they need.

One mother was happy to share on social media how her older kids have learned how to help in their younger brother’s therapy through music.

According to Amanda Bowman Gray, she had left her daughter Lydia to care for 25-month-old Bo who has Down Syndrome. After she was done taking a shower, she found her daughter singing to Bo while strumming her guitar.

It was such a sweet, adorable moment that Amanda couldn’t help but feel proud and happy of her daughter for being such a wonderful sister to Bo. She also shared that Bo has a 12-word vocabulary even though he’s already 2 years old – and all those words he learned through music and songs!

This certainly is proof that music therapy works.

Knowing that this was a precious moment, Amanda took out her camera to capture this on video. But little did she know that this was going to be gold on the internet.

Within days of posting, the video quickly made rounds on social media and gained over 1 million views. In just a little over 2 weeks, the video has been viewed close to 60 million times and shared more than 1.2 million times!

The sweet moment Amanda had captured shows Lydia strumming her guitar and singing “You are My Sunshine” while an obviously happy Bo swayed along with the music. He could also be seen mouthing along with the song; although his words were unintelligible but it was enough for this mom to see that her son is responding well to music and that it was her daughter who was making him feel so happy.

Watch the lovely moment here: