Heartwarming: Couple’s Dream of Watching Football Game With Late Son ‘Comes True’

We all wish to create memories with our kids; taking them to our favorite restaurants, watching movies with them, saving up for that dream destination, and so on. Just like a lot of parents, Stephen Stout and Christine Lamb had a list of #familygoals for their baby, Jack–and their ultimate dream was to watch one of their favorite football team live while sitting next to their beloved child.

Sadly, they never had the chance to take the little boy to any of those matches because he passed away when he was barely half a year old.

Then recently, something beautiful happened. Somehow, turning a pipedream to a “reality”.

When Wigan offered the chance for fans to pay to have cardboard cut-outs in the stands for matches–which are currently closed to fans because of lockdown restrictions–Christime seized on the opportunity of letting their kid “experience” being part of the audience.

“My boy’s first game at @LaticsOfficial. He passed away before he was five months old. I had paid for the cutout as it seemed fitting,” Christine shared.

To her surprise, her payment was refunded.

“Wigan athletic refunded the money,” she said. “Lovely gesture! I’ve donated it to the @LaticsCommunity. Trust in Jack’s memory. I know every player will do my boy proud.”

The mother expressed happiness for her child who, according to Express and Star, died from sudden infant death syndrome in 2015.

“My boy in the crowd with other Latics fans. I can’t thank @LaticsOfficial enough for making this happen! I didn’t expect the response but overwhelmed,” she wrote.

Christine’s post has received hundreds of retweets and thousands of favorites, as of posting. Twitter users thanked the team for the lovely gesture and the mother, as well, for her touching story and for giving them inspiration to donate.