Little Boy Goes Viral For Singing ‘I Love You, Baby’ to Conquer His Fear of Injection

Hoping to overcome his fear of injection, a little boy decided to sing Frank Sinatra’s hit song I Love You, Baby while getting his anti-rabies shots.

In the video uploaded by Ruof Ruof Fourfour on Facebook, it can be seen how the young boy, Raven Skye, tried his best to calm down and overcome his fear while singing a song in the midst of tears.

“‘Doc, may karayom. Isa lang, Doc.’ Mapapakanta na lang sa sakit ang batang makulit na si Raven Skye. ‘I love you, baby. And if it’s quite alright, I need you, baby, to warm the lonely night,'” read the caption of the video; which already has nearly 30,000 comments, more than 159,000 shares, and over 178,000 reactions, as of writing.

Doc, may Karayom. 💉😷😭Isa lang Doc. 💉😭😩Mapapa kanta nalang sa sakit ang batang Makulit na si Raven Skye the Kulets…

Ruof Ruof Fourfourさんの投稿 2020å¹´6月20日土曜日

The video brought a lot of good vibes to social media users who admired the kid for his courage and loved how he chose to sing an old song.

“Oh, ‘di ba? ‘I Love You, Baby’ talaga, anak!” wrote social media user Jexy Latoza Dulay. “Need mo kasi iyan kaya dapat brave ka. Be a good boy!”

“Wow, baby boy, good job!” Raquel Coquia Salting said.

“Love you, baby boy! Nakatutuwa ka naman. Suwerte ng mama at papa mo sa iyo. Sana maging mabait ka lang na bata, ha,” Shadel Monterey commented.

Some were also able to relate to the child’s fear, saying they also begged their parents to just bring them home each time they go to a doctor to have themselves vaccinated when they were kids. A number of parents also said that they will encourage their children to sing, as well, when their turn to get vaccinated comes.

In an interview with GMA News, Raven’s mother shared that he had to take her son to the doctor so he could get anti-rabies shot after he was scratched by a cat.