Making Kids’ Sandbox a Safer Toy for Kids: Check Out This Mom’s Viral ‘Edible Sand’ Recipe

Most of the time, we find it hard to stop children from putting a handful of sand right into their mouth as they play with their sandbox. Still, we do not want to stop them, as well, from relishing their toy.

Good thing, a mother recently came up with a solution: to create an “edible sand” and make sandbox a safer toy for kids. On TikTok, @elleannachristine shared her “edible sand” recipe; where it went viral and got more than 2.6 million views, as of writing.

edible sand

Screenshots from @elleannachristine’s TikTok videos

The creative mom said it only took a minute to make the “edible sand” and all she needed were some Cheerious and a blender. After blending the Cheerious, she then lay them out on a clean tray and add a few elements to design it like a normal sandbox.

A lot of social media users think this is a good idea.

“They aren’t teaching her it’s okay to eat the sand, they’re just making it safer in case she does (’cause babies will put anything in their mouth),” shanstang wrote.

“Yes! So if she accidentally eats the sand, it’s okay because it’s freaking Cheerios!” Nelly Gomez commented.

“Well, this is the most genius thing I’ve ever seen,” said 0000. “Too bad, my youngest is six years old now.

While Bearded Viking expressed, “She is so beautiful. Thank you for the cereal idea, I dueted to my followers and have gotten 1.2 million views. Thank you again.”

In an interview with Bored Panda, the 23-year-old from Illinois shared how she came up with the idea of creating “edible sand” for her little one, Amara.

“There aren’t many beaches around us, so I wanted to make my daughter one that was safe to play in,” she disclosed. “Amara is really into touching everything and putting everything in her mouth right now.”

edible sand

Screenshot from @elleannachristine’s TikTok videos

Find out how @elleannachristine makes edible sand for her child: