Meet Adorable Kobe, One of the Cutest Baby Chefs Online

Are you fond of watching cooking shows and vlogs? Well, you will surely love it even more when you meet this adorable internet sensation: Kobe Wian, one of the cutest baby chefs online!

Screenshot from @kobeeats’ TikTok account

Through his page (@kobeeats) on the popular social media app TikTok, Kobe’s parents have been sharing videos of the toddler who actively helps in preparing their meals. The page already has more than 850,000 followers and over nine million likes, as of writing.

In one of his recent videos, the baby is seen helping his mother prepare some chocolate chip cookies; putting the ingredients one by one, patiently waiting for the right time, then finally having the first bite on what he successfully baked with the guidance of his mom. The video got over five million views.

“Kobe, you bring so much joy to the world! Exactly what we need right now,” user8025260715845 commented.

“The ‘guh, guh, guh’ is the special touch that make these cookies extra special,” Konami Ai said.

“You make me smile, sweet one! We need more happiness right now,” wrote Delaney Wilkinson.

“The nod while eating the cookies like he’s saying ‘these came out good’!” Prashanth Kumar noticed.

“We got a chocolate chip cookie tutorial and some singing of Baby Shark! This is the only cooking show that matters,” OT7 Momma commented.

While user3721040862574 expressed, “I’m so glad I found this adorable side of TikTok.”

Some users also commended Kobe’s mom for letting him join her in the kitchen. saying that teaching him cook and bake at a tender age will surely make a difference; not to mention the fact that he is really enjoying being their family’s “little chef”.

Need some good vibes today? Watch this adorable video of Kobe–and it will surely make your day!


Im off on the weekends but my momma really wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies 🍪🍪🍪 #fyp #cookinghacks #kobeeats #chefkobe

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