Newly Born Baby in Liverpool Women’s Hospital Delivered With a Head Full of Blonde Hair

Staffs of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital were surprised when they delivered a baby with a head of full platinum blonde hair.

Every day, an average of 24 babies are born in Liverpool Women’s Hospital. However, the baby girl with a head full of hair is a very rare sight to behold.

Staffs of Liverpool Women’s Hospital were surprise upon delivering a baby with a head full of hair. [Image Credit: Liverpool Women's Hospital / Facebook]

Staffs of Liverpool Women’s Hospital were surprise upon delivering a baby with a head full of hair. [Image Credit: Liverpool Women’s Hospital / Facebook]

Instant Sensation

A photo of the baby girl, named Madison, with one of the midwives of the One Born Every Minute TV show, Hana Paul, was posted on the Liverpool Women’s Hospital Facebook page. The newborn became a little star on the ward and the staff started coming over after she was born with a full mane.

Huge congratulations to Madison’s family! She is adorable and we wish you lots of happiness

The family of Madison was very happy with the hospital’s treatment. The grandfather did not forget to thank the staff of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital for looking after his daughter and granddaughter well and for Madison’s safe delivery.

Not the First Time

It is not the first time that Liverpool welcomed a baby with spectacular hair upon delivery. In October last year, Laura from Old Swan delivered her daughter, Jolee Shead, with an incredible head full of hair.

The hair did show up on the scans so we expected her to have hair but we were not expecting anything like this – I couldn’t believe it.

An Old Wives’ Tale

Hair is a common area of concern for first-time parents. Some worry about their babies not having enough hair while there are others who are concerned because of the thickness of their manes. Before you worry yourself sick as to why your baby does not have much or any hair, here’s what you need to know.

The baby’s hair type, either it is thick, thin, straight or curly, as well as the hair color are determined by the parents’ genes and ethnicity. If you and your spouse both have straight and fine hair, chances are high that your baby will have straight and fine hair too.

In an old wives’ tale, heartburn during pregnancy is a sure sign of a hairy baby — and it turns out to be true. According to researchers from John Hopkins University, there is a link between heartburn, pregnancy, and the baby’s hair at birth. Out of 64 pregnant women, 28 of them who had moderate to severe heartburn had babies with average to above average amount of hair while 10 out of 12 women with no heartburn had babies with little to no hair.

You may read the whole story from Liverpool Women’s Hospital here:

So the next time that you see your baby with a head full of hair, don’t panic! Genetics is largely responsible for how your baby’s hair will look and feel.