Photos of a Naked Baby Sleeping at Busy Staircase Spark Outrage

It is a sad reality in life that not everyone is born rich. In fact, there are many places on Earth where there are more poor people than rich ones.

In poverty-stricken Philippines, most of the people live below the poverty line and thousands are living in the streets, with no money for a proper shelter. They don’t even have enough money to feed themselves.

But one street photographer saw something that truly broke his heart: a naked baby sleeping at a busy staircase and getting ignored by the people who were hurrying by.

While it was possible that this was but another modus operandi of its parents to gain sympathy so that people would give them more alms, it was still heartbreaking to see such a precious young child sleeping naked on that dirty staircase.

The photo was actually taken back in May 2014 by AJ Laberinto who admitted that he’s just starting out as a street photographer to capture the sights in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In his short stint as street photographer, he has already seen a lot of heartbreaking sights in the city but this particular photo of the sleeping kid truly broke his heart.

According to Laberinto, he was rather shocked that the people just kept walking. They would see the baby on the stairs, walk around it, and just continue with their busy lives.

There I was, camera–celfone rather, in hand turning around the corner when I saw the child. You see, only recently I’ve been taking pictures of whatever sight was in front of me strolling around Manila though not that many.

So there I was, and for several seconds the baby lay there on the floor not dying but rather sound asleep. The passers-by having seen too many too much of street children and beggars knew already how to react: they just walked away.

Perhaps it is a reality that many of these busy folks are used to the sight of kids sleeping at that place which appears to be the stairs leading to the train station but Laberinto thinks it was still sad to see that there is so little humanity left in many people as they have become too jaded with these sights.

After having finished taking the photos I then asked some familiar faces in the crowd, people who actually lived near those stairs, as to where the parent of that baby was.

Lo and behold, a woman somewhat bedraggled with dirty clothes on showed up and immediately carried the baby away. All of this in a span of seconds.

I bought the child food, by the way, four days ago and he’s still living in the streets the very bed to sleep in he ever knew.

What do you think of these photos?