Priceless Moments: These Adorable Clips of Kids Taking Care of Younger Siblings Will Surely Make Your Day

One of the priceless moments a mother could ever relish is watching her child take care of his/her younger siblings.

On Facebook, social media users have been sharing a compilation video including a number of adorable clips of kids showing their love to a younger sibling; hugging their little ones, feeding them, watching them sleep, making sure that all is well.

“Beautiful moments!” Sonam Singh commented.

“So cute! I really enjoyed watching this video!” Nilima Chatterjee said.

While Nada Fz wrote, “I cannot wait for Shayan and Sophie to grow up!”

Some also said the clips reminded them of their children when they were still young.

As of posting, the video already has over 22,000 shares and more than 96,000 reactions.

Babies are adorable 💓🥰

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Kids Meeting Babies For The First Time

Aside from the bonding moments between siblings, kids meeting babies for the first time is always a beautiful scene to watch, as well; and seeing the joy and innocence on the faces of kids during those moments are truly heartwarming.

So to spread good vibes online, Pew Baby made a compilation video, Legendary Moments When Kids Meet Newborn Babies – Funny Baby Siblings, years ago. As of posting, the video already has more than 29 million views.

Similarly, Baby Awesome made the compilation video Super Adorable Moment When Big Brothers and Big Sisters Meet Newborn Baby For The First Time, getting more than 25 million views, as of writing.

“I was seven when my sister was born. My mommy said, ‘You are my baby. She is your baby.’ I would make sure my baby gets all the love and everything she needs. She is still my baby,” shared YouTube user Aditi Mehrotra.

While riyo commented, “I was seven when my first sister was born and she was so cute. When I met her for the first time, she wrapped my index finger with her little fingers.”