Refreshing! This Adorable Video of Children Playing With Water Will Surely Cheer You Up

We enjoyed playing with water when we were kids. Now as grown-ups, sometimes, all it takes to cheer us up is a compilation video of children playing with water in the cutest way possible.

On Facebook, Cutest Babies Videos uploaded the compilation video Funny Baby Playing Water Moments, bringing good vibes to thousands of people online. In the post, one can see babies enjoying their bath, toddlers playing with water outdoor, children who still relish their “water moments” despite slipping on the wet floor or ground, among others.

As of writing, the video already has more than 20,000 reactions and over half a million views. Meanwhile, its comments section is filled with netizens tagging people to whom they want to share the good vibes with.

DIY Slip ‘n Slide for Kids

And speaking of playing with water, this might be one of the best video for mothers who have been thinking of building a safe and enjoyable outdoor playground for their water-loving kids. On YouTube, Great Home Ideas uploaded a tutorial video on how to make a do-it-yourself slip ‘n slide for children.

“Adam’s showing us how to make the ultimate slip n’ slide–and it’s guaranteed to keep the kids happy. Tricked out with canons, arches, and more, it’s the greatest backyard water slide ever!” read the caption of the video which already has more than four million views, as of writing.

“I want to try that!” commented Evelin who oh Evelin. “It looks like thay are really having fun!”

“Wow, that’s so cool! I love it so much, I want to do that, too, even tough I’m 14 years old!” Pancakes 200 wrote.

Meanwhile, NothingTo DoCrew shared, “Very cool. We just built a giant slip and slide-slide and ramp into some pools for our party. It was a ton of fun for all ages. We used 2x4s for our edges and slit the pool noodles down the middle and wrapped the 2x4s for safety. We also laid down some old carpet strips for padding.”

Watch the tutorial video here to see how it’s done: