‘She Didn’t Survive to Meet the Baby’: COVID-19 Patient Dies After Giving Birth

“I feel like God kept her alive just long enough to deliver him.”

These were the words of heartbroken father Ramath Warith while cradling his baby; the child who was delivered by his late wife, Sierra Warith, moments before she succumbed to COVID-19.

According to a report published on Fox4, Sierra was pregnant with their second child when she and her husband tested positive for the virus last May. She suffered from chronic asthma, began to experience sore throat and developed a fever.

Ramath said their baby was delivered through C-section and his wife did not survive to meet their child.

“Just overabundance of fear, not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring because the situation was so dire,” Warith said. “I feel like God kept her alive just long enough to deliver him.”

Helping the Family

Breaking a lot of hearts online, thousands of dollars have been raised for the single father since a GoFundMe account was created in memory of his wife.

Screenshot from GoFundMe

“Sierra Germany Warith had a smile that would warm and melt a heart. Through her love for the Lord, she persevered many obstacles–often managing to bless and encourage others in the midst of her own storms,” read the story posted on the GoFundMe account.

“In 2018, Sierra married the love of her life–Mizpeh Oronotho Warith, who many know as Ramath. Marriage, motherhood, and completing her college work filled her heart with joy and happiness. In her own words on Facebook, ‘Christ first. Married 2.5.2018. Rom Jr 12.28.2018. Baby Boy 7.20.2020. Life is great!’ And life was great, until Covid-19 took it away,” it further stated.

As of posting, an amount of $26,629 was already raised for the family; more than half of the campaign’s $50,000 goal which is intended to pay for the expenses of caring for the preemie, funeral arrangements, among other basic needs.