‘This Might Win the Internet Forever’: Adorable Baby Wearing Mom’s Wig Goes Viral Online

Amid all the heartbreaking posts and bad news about the pandemic, social media users suddenly took a break after seeing the video of an adorable little girl wearing her mother’s wig.

On Twitter, user @SailorOkoye uploaded the video of the baby who looks like a doll while wearing a wig, not to mention her contagious laughter.


“I’m screaming! She’s so cute!” @brimlinn wrote.

“Stinking cute! Thank you. This is what I needed,” @rocksteadyally commented.

“This is the funniest, most adorable thing ever!” @tanna_bananas tweeted.

“That smile is everything! Sweet baby girl!” @Cmullett69 said.

“This might win the internet forever! So cute!” @teebenoit wrote.

“So cute! She looks like a doll! So adorable,” @KozakChrissy noticed.

“I am way too old but when I see these little ones, I wish I could just hug them and support them. Precious!” @convon17 expressed.

As of writing, the video already received nearly 200,000 retweets, over 870,000 favorites, and more than 11 million views.

Moods of Winter

Meanwhile, while the baby wearing a wig was able to capture hearts with her doll-like face and contagious laughter, a baby named “Winter” went viral earlier for a different reason: her grumpy facial expression.

Through her Instagram page Moods of Winter, little Winter Josephine has been bringing good vibes online because of her…well, grumpy face.

“Name is Winter (Wein Dog). Thug baby. Ten months old. I don’t need no boy baby,” read her Instagram bio.

baby grumpy

Screenshot from @moodsofwinter’s Instagram account

“She is so cute and beautiful,” @kooraija commented on one of the baby’s photos.

“This is awesome! Haha! I show my husband her posts every time and we love her facial expressions!” @3men_anda_lillady wrote.

While @taylordisee expressed, “Your photos and sense of humor with the captions make my day. I love following you!”

A lot of social media users also wish to see the baby becoming a model or having her own show on television. And as early as now, considering her tender age, a number of Instagram pages are also expressing desire on the comments section of her posts, saying they hope to make her a child influencer and an ambassador.

According to Bright Side, Winter’s mom Hollie Wallis thought that her baby girl could’ve been thinking, “I was comfortable in there. Put me back!”

Well, who does not need a break amid trying times like this? Thank you for spreading good vibes online, little ones!