TikTok User Mom Who’s Been Posting Videos of Kid’s Lunch Box Snacks on Captures Hearts Online

Lunch boxes have a special place in our hearts when we were kids. Most of us fondly remember how excited we were each time we open our lunch boxes during recess. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why a mother has been capturing thousands of hearts online since she began using the popular social media app TikTok in posting videos of the lunch box snacks she prepared for her child.

On Twitter, @celini uploaded a video from @arnel96‘s TikTok account, sharing how much she loves the latter’s posts and calling her page a “pure and wholesome content niche.”

“There is a South African woman on TikTok who only posts the school lunches she’s packed for her son and I am crying!” she wrote. “This is funny but such a pure and wholesome content niche.”

TikTok Mom lunch box snacks

Screenshot from TikTok

As of writing, @arnel96 is being followed by more than 62,000 users already. All the videos she posted, so far, got thousands of views, as well.

“Oh, my Lord. Be my mother, please,” @Ziemniak commented on one of her videos.”And your voice is so peaceful. God bless you.”

“Ruan is really lucky to have a mom like you,” said @Anthony.

“I wish I could meet you,” @YellowChappieskid wrote. “You sound so amazing.”

While @Kimi asked, “Adopt me, please.”

Screenshot from TikTok

A lot are also commenting about how much food she puts in her child’s lunch, saying they wish their lunch boxes have the same amount of snacks.

Well, no matter what is inside a kid’s lunch box, one thing is for sure: it’s prepared by mom’s loving hands.