Cuteness Overload! Video of Toddler Babysat by a Golden Retriever Goes Viral

This is surely one of the most beautiful things you can see on the internet today: a video of an adorable toddler babysat by a golden retriever.

toddler golden retriever

Screenshot from @agoldennamedkevin’s Tik Tok video

On TikTok, @agoldennamedkevin uploaded the video of a dog named Kevin, showing how he recently babysat the adorable little boy, Baby Hank.

“Kevin babysat a baby!” read the caption of the video, which already has more than 32,000 favorites and over 150,000 views, as of writing.

The video showed Kevin and Baby Hank’s first meeting; and how the former kisses and guards the little one as he fulfills his babysitting duties. He even assisted in changing the baby boy’s diaper and sat beside his crib when it was time for him to go to sleep.

Watching the adorable duo, Tik Tok users thanked them for spreading good vibes, leaving comments on the post.

“Kevin is so gentle,” @BaileyBertram05 wrote.

“I just want to hang out with Kev for a day, hug him, and take him for walks,” @Majestic86 stated.

“Tell Kevin I said he’s a good boy,” said @Sean.

“I am 18 years old but suddenly I need a babysitter,” @holly commented.

“I’m 20 but I’m pretty sure I need Kevin to babysit me,” @manda said.

While some noticed the two’s cute duck costume. @Kaykaykiran asked, “Hi! So so cute! I was wondering where you get these hats from? I have a Golden as well!”

toddler golden retriever

Screenshot from @agoldennamedkevin’s Tik Tok video

Meanwhile, the page owner asked, “Would you guys come to a Kevin meet-and-greet one day?” To which a lot of social media users, responded “yes.”

Some also asked the owner for some tips on how to train a pet dog to become gentle, approchable, and safe for their little ones.

Having an adorable baby and a caring dog at home is perfection, isn’t it?