Top 17 Maternity Bag Essentials Moms Should Bring

We’ve all seen enough movies to know that everything turns to chaos once a mother’s water breaks. After the 3-second silence of pure shock, people would definitely start panicking. In times like these, you don’t have the mental capacity anymore to worry about what you need to bring to the hospital which is exactly why you should be prepared. It’s best to plan out your maternity bag at least two weeks before your expected due date, or another week prior if you’re expecting earlier delivery as well.

To help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist that you should remember to pack for yourself on that special day.

Maternity Bag Essentials: Before and During Active Labor

Add pillows to your maternity bag

  • Comfortable pillows – Nothing feels better than being able to breathe in and breathe out with your favorite pillow behind your neck.
  • Important Documents – When you enter the hospital, the first thing that they would ask for are pertinent documents such as your valid government issued ID, filled up hospital paperwork, and health insurance card. If you have your birth plan, make sure to get copies of them inside your bag too so everyone can be informed.
  • Bathrobe – Get comfortable while waiting for your baby to arrive by wearing your own soft bathrobe.
  • Relaxing entertainment – Giving birth is hard enough as it is which is why you should remember to pack some of your favorite songs or movies into your maternity bag even if it’s just on your phone.
  • Water spray – Spraying yourself with water can help you cool down whenever you’re feeling hot during active labor.

Include slippers in maternity bags

  • Slippers – With your feet probably swollen, you have to remember to bring the most comfortable slippers you have to avoid any more discomfort.
  • Snacks – Both waiting for and finishing labor can be pretty tiring. For pre-labor, make sure you only bring snacks that have been recommended by your doctor. You can always eat junk food after your baby’s born.
  • Hair Clips – You wouldn’t want your hair to go all over your sweaty face while giving birth which is why you should bring a few extra hair clips and ties to make sure that your hair is neatly tied.
  • Lip balm – With the surge of hormones and fluctuating body conditions, your lips might end up chapped in the process of giving birth that’s why it’s good to have this on hand.

Maternity Bag Essentials: After Labor

Include toiletries in your maternity bag

  • Toiletries – Gather your basic toiletries like your toothbrush, toothpaste and soap to be prepared even if you spend a longer time in the hospital than you intend to. No matter where you go, toiletries are essential that’s why you need to have this in your maternity bag at all costs.
  • Clothes – After excreting so much blood and sweat, you should clean up and get ready to go home with your new baby. Packing new clothes is necessary to ensure that you’re not bringing home any bacteria that you’ve come in contact with in the hospital.
  • Maternity pads – It’s best to keep a pack of this inside your bag since it’s normal for mothers to bleed a bit even after pregnancy.
  • Underwear – Along with the maternity pads, remember to bring underwear that’s big enough to fit chunky maternity pads.
  • Glasses – If you use prescription glasses, see to it that you remember to pack this along with your eyeglasses case or else you wouldn’t even be able to clearly see your baby’s face.

Include reference books in your maternity bag

  • Reference books – If you’ve been relying on books to help you throughout the pregnancy, inserting this in your maternity bag and bringing it to the day of your labor would be a good idea so you won’t be overwhelmed with what to do.
  • Phone and charger – For before and after labor, having your phone and charger with you is very important especially if you need to call a family member.
  • Skin care and cosmetic products – The skin usually feels drier after labor that’s why skin care products are an essential. If you’re also used to wearing makeup, it’s best to add these beforehand too.

Having all these items is a must if you want a stress-fee day of giving childbirth. Once you have these items packed in your maternity bag, then you’re good to go!