Top 3 Innovations Related to Pregnancy

More than ever, innovations related to pregnancy have become crucial for all expecting parents. Before there was technology, mothers had no choice but to do vaginal births with no anesthesia nor any other birthing contraptions that can help in getting the babies out. Outdated techniques and equipment were used in the previous century that’s why it was much more dangerous to go under labor at that time.

With the emergence of new technologies, not only have doctors and scientists created new ways for women to give birth but programmers have also contributed to the entire pregnancy cause.

To give you an idea, we’ve gathered a list of innovations that have been created for the sole purpose of alleviating pregnancy concerns.

Top 4 Innovations in Pregnancy

Heart rate belt monitor for newborns

In third world countries, a lot of non-breathing newborns are usually wrongly identified as stillborn when in fact, they could be revived with resuscitation. To solve this, researchers have created NeoBeat, an affordable device that can be strapped on like a belt to babies’ bodies. This device only takes seconds to set up and gives parents a constant digital display of their baby’s heart rate.

Another scenario where parents could use this is when they sleep at night. Since they won’t be able to keep an eye on their baby, they can strap it on to make sure that their child’s still breathing. Innovations that monitor heartbeats are essential especially with newborns since a little blockage on their nose would already suffocate them.

Top 4 Innovations in Pregnancy

Temperature belt monitor

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, one of the things that mothers about is their baby’s temperature when they are born. Maintaining body temperature is crucial for newborns especially because even a small dip or spike can be detrimental and put the child’s life at risk. To monitor this continuously, hospitals would have to provide special reading devices. They could do that with a normal adult thermometer as well but it would just take up too much time.

It’s a good thing that innovations from Rice University have been developed to monitor a newborn’s temperature. Neonatal Temperature Monitor is an easy to use and low-cost device that consistently monitors and shows your baby’s temperature. If ever your child’s temperature fluctuates or exhibits abnormal behavior, medical staff will be alerted immediately so they could tend to your baby’s needs before it gets any worse.

Top 4 Innovations in Pregnancy

Mobile applications as blood pressure monitors

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy complication that’s due to extremely high blood pressure and other indications of damage to an organ system like the liver and kidneys. Blood pressure disorders like this can cause maternal death. In the past, blood pressure can only be monitored using cuffs that are difficult to read by inexperienced medical workers.

Luckily, a tech startup called Biospectal has created a new way to solve this prevailing problem. The organization was able to develop a smartphone application called OptiBP that allows prompt and accurate blood pressure monitoring by only using a fingertip. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about the cuff anymore. This has been much easier to use now since phones already have finger sensors on the home button that’s in front of the phone, or at the back next to the camera.

No matter what day and age it is, innovations are constant. Since intelligent minds are so keen on making the lives of humans easier, they craft ingenuous ways to make this possible. Whenever they detect something that still isn’t operating in its full potential, you can expect them to be working in their laboratories to maximize it. The aforementioned innovations are only some examples that have eased and enhanced the entire pregnancy experience of women. With better technologies and methods on the horizon, you can expect more opportunities that could change the day-to-day lives of expecting mothers.