Adorable Twins Gaze into Each Other’s Eyes, Talk in Language Only They Could Understand

It has long been established that twins have this extra special connection that is difficult to explain but long observed to be real. Many twins have this special intuition that makes them seem to know what the other twin is undergoing; some even say they can physically feel their twin’s pain even if they are not physically connected to each other as in conjoined twins.

But twins are also known for having their secret language and could even communicate with each other without words.

Recently, a pair of Dutch babies has gone viral because the twins just looked so adorable as they gazed into each other’s eyes and talked in a language that only they could understand. Of course, it’s hard to understand a baby’s coos and babbles but these two appear to understand each other perfectly well.

The video was shared by Roy Johannink on YouTube. It has since garnered nearly 20.5 million views! That’s really something, considering that no one could even understand what these two were talking about.

It seems that many people were really impressed by the babies and loved how they seemed to have a secret language to talk to each other. As they gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes, the twins named Merle and Stijn just continued talking and even had a big laugh towards the end that a lot of netizens could not help but wonder what they were talking about.

It would surely be a joy to watch these two grow up because you know they will continue to have a strong bond. We could not wait to watch more videos of the two as they grow up and develop their secret language.

According to Parenting Isn’t Easy blog, the phenomenon is not really that rare in twins because it is estimated that 50% of twins have this strong bond that leads to them developing their own secret language. This phenomenon is known as cryptophasia or idioglossia and has been observed not just in identical twins whose DNAs are nearly identical but even in fraternal twins.

It’s hard to explain why that happens but perhaps their joint time in the womb has wired them to stay connected to each other, yes?

In this video of Merle and Stijn, their parents could be heard laughing in the background and enjoying their little show. With millions of people loving their video, it seems that these twins are going to be internet darlings in the coming years…

Watch their video here: