Video of Baby Repeatedly Slapping Pet Dog Earns Mixed Reactions from Netizens

While dogs are undeniably man’s best friend, time and again there had been a lot of reports of dogs turning against their humans and biting, even killing their owners! A lot of people think this is a breed thing, saying that there are breeds that are really born to hunt and kill but common sense dictates in some situations that any abused animal could fight back and maul its owners.

This is the reason why the video of a baby repeatedly slapping a dog has earned mixed reactions from netizens.

Photo credit: The Sun / YouTube

In the YouTube clip first shared on LiveLeak, a baby could be seen sitting on his toy car while a dog sits in front of him, patiently accepting the slaps the amused child gave.

The adult taking the video, most likely a parent, seemed to be amused with the whole thing and was quite proud of the moment as he/she took the video and posted it on social media. The boy and the dog would sometimes look at the filming adult, seemingly for approval – and never once did the adult tell the little boy to stop what he was doing.

One could not help but admire the pet dog’s patience as he received the blows from the kid but many netizens were alarmed by the situation, calling the parents irresponsible for letting this happen.

Photo credit: The Sun / YouTube

Not only is the parent allowing the child to abuse the dog, a lot of netizens believe the dog would soon reach its breaking point and fight back at the abusive child. When that happens, it would surely be a disaster because the baby is short and has tender spots that the dog could easily grab – and that could kill him!

It’s all fun and games until the dog takes a bite out of the kids face. No matter how docile the animal seems they are still an animal and their only way to defend themselves is with their mouth,” one commenter wrote.

But not everyone think this was irresponsible parenting; some defended the parents and saw nothing wrong.

Y’all kidding?  Look at the dog’s body language, leaning into the “slaps” and all.  Those two clearly get along.  Besides, to a strong dog, baby slaps are playful petting at best.

So much hurry to find outrage, seems like no one had their eye on the dog while watching the video,” another commenter wrote.

So, which side are you on? Check out this video and tell us what you think: