New Normal? Priest Goes Viral for Using Water Gun to Baptise an Infant

The whole world has been adjusting amid the threat of COVID-19; friends and lovers catching up with each other through video chats, work-related meetings taking place through virtual conferences, people going to restaurants for takeouts alone, travel enthusiasts “wandering” through virtual tours.

And now, a priest baptising an infant using a water gun?

Netizens react on water gun baptism

A photo of a priest performing baptisim using a water pistol has been making rounds in the microblogging site Twitter. The image shows a family observing social distancing while standing in front of the priest as he baptises the baby in a very unusual way.

But while the parents are apparently joyous as their child’s baptism pushes through, thousands of people online do not like the aforementioned setup, saying that the act of shooting someone–even for the sake of performing a sacrament–must not take place in the “house of God”.

“How awful!” Twitter user @IndiveriRita expressed. “This is a sanctuary where the Holy Sacrifice is done! This is not a game!”

“This looks like what would happen in a comedy movie about the virus, making fun of how we handled it. Not a real life thing that actually hastened,” @PaKruta said.

“This is parody, right?” @CJBiker888 reacted. “Otherwise, they have surely gone off fully into deep end.”

“YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Where does this show faith, trust, belief? A GUN, REALLY? So, Not Cool. GOD have MERCY on us all!” wrote @HandMadeVessel.

“This is adulteration of sacred ordinances. Better to not do it at all,” commented @grow_jill.

As of writing, the indentity of the priest and the parents of the kids remains unknown and the Catholic Church has yet to issue a statement about the circulating picture. On the other hand, regardless of the real story behind the photo, a number of people online recommended the use of spray bottle in performing such church ritual.