4 Ways to Know That Your Baby is Growing Healthily

Even if you are scared that you don’t know the first thing about your newborn, with just a few weeks with your bundle of sunshine, you will start to know the difference between his or her cry for hunger or tiredness. You already know how he prefers to burp or to rock. You start to grow more confident about your parenting skills.

However, there are times when you will think: is my baby eating enough or is the crying normal? Then you will fall into the state of anxiousness and concern again.

Healthy babies have a wide range of appearances, behaviors and temperaments. How do you know if your baby is happy and is developing normally? To help assure you that your baby is growing healthily, here are indicators to watch out.

healthy baby

The Baby Calms With Your Touch and Upon Hearing Your Voice

Once the baby calms when you touch him or hear or when you talk, that means that you have a good relationship. Newborns cry a lot. Although talking to the baby will not turn off the tears immediately, the baby can easily recognize it.

Your voice is the voice he or she can hear while in your womb. Once the baby hears it, it can draw the baby’s attention. Being wrapped and carried or feeling your body heat can also mimic a peaceful time for the baby. When the baby is calm because of your presence, this means that your child is developing emotionally.


You Have a Ton of Used Diapers in A Day and The Baby is Gaining Weight

If the baby is gaining weight and you are getting 8 to 10 pieces of diapers in a day, that means he or she is getting enough milk and growing at a healthy rate. The baby’s drinking routine can also change day by day.

How can you be sure if the baby is drinking enough milk? It is when the diapers are wet. That means the baby is consuming enough volume of milk that he needs. A wet diaper means that the baby is drinking well.

The Baby is Quiet and Attentive A Few Times a Day

If the baby is quiet and attentive a few times a day, that means he is observing the world and starting to learn. The first weeks are usually spent just drinking every two hours and sleeping for 16 hours a day. Once the baby begins to gain control of his eye muscles and focus on an object, he will start to be quiet and alert, especially for everything around you.

Your child will also start to look at patterns, colors, and movements which mean that his eyesight is sharpening and his brain is ramping up.

Makes Eye Contact, Smiles, and Giggles With Other People

Once the baby starts to make eye contact, smile, and giggle with other people, that means the baby is starting to become social. The first time of eye contact with a newborn starts when he is a month old, smiles at about two months, and laugh by four months.

All these interactions show that the baby is starting to connect with you and becomes more aware of the surroundings. He also starts to understand other people and behaves in a socially engaging manner. By five months, your baby will start to smile when someone is smiling, and cry when he hears someone in pain.

baby smile

Babies are miraculous beings. Once you see changes in your baby, don’t panic — that just means your baby is already growing. Make sure to spend quality time with your child to help support his or her growth.